Carpet either knotted or flatwoven is one of the most ancient craft of the World Unquestionable originating from central Asia, this art form extended to east and west by migration of nomadic tribes. Turks, Indians, Chinamen, Pakistanis, Afghans historically and traditionally carpet weaving populations.

Weaving and woven products have been intensively embraced by Turks and Anatolians historically and they are much more then ordinary floor coverings.

As they became inherent element of casual, social, cultural, spiritual and ceremonial life they may appear as dowry of a bride, cradle of a baby, a room separator of a nomadic tent,grain bag of a villager or saddle bag of an ancestor.

This intricate cultural relation together with opulent and diverse history of Anatolia has yielded a tremendous, miscellaneous and unparalled woven heritage. If roughly calculated, non-commercial, inert hand woven carpet and flatweave stock of Turkey would be around 150.000.000 sqm today.

The copious hand woven stock of Anatolia enables ICI to produce patchworks made out of old, aged and used traditional carpets and flatweaves standardly, regularly and sustainably.

With its impeccably functioning system which has perfectly combined fully computerized production line together with design and artisanal craftsmanship ICI has succeeded to achieve STANDARDIZED ARTISANAL PRODUCTION of patchworks.

May be not as demanding as weaving them, but processing and upcycling aged and old, hand made carpets into patchworks is still a long, onerous and labour intensive work especially if it is managed with a human and environment

Throughout patchwork carpet production process all carpets and flatweaves used as raw material are old and used, hand made, made out of natural fibers such as wool, cotton,hemp and goats’ hair. Also all substances used in production process are environment friendly.